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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mid Century Modern Mirror

by Basic-Witz


Clean, Sleek Lines

Low Profile, Solid Wood

Great Architectural Aesthetic

Very Unique Basket Weave Design Inset at Top or to the Left or Right of the Mirror, Depending on How You Hang It

In Overall Excellent Original Vintage Condition

26.5" x 47.5" 1.5"



BASIC-WITZ FURNITURE IN­DUSTRIES, Inc., Waynesboro, Va.. manufacturers of bedroom and dining room furniture, have been in existence for fifty years, start­ed back in 1889. Their present plants, located at Waynesboro and Staunton, Va. are among the most modern furniture factories.

The company manufactures a pop­ular line of modern and 18th Century bedroom and dining room furniture, desks and secretaries. Boyd Stombock, the president and treasurer, has been associated with the company since 1908. Paul Hays, vice president and sales manager, has been v/ith the company since 1923. Charles A. Holt, secretary, came into the or­ganization in 1936.

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